Ever wanted to have a Mobian-style Bonfire Night? Now you can, as Megadroid shows you how to make your very own Guy for the bonfire in the image of Doctor Robotnik!
You’re going to need:
• An old pair of black trousers
• An old red top- jacket, jumper, anything.
• Old newspaper (lots) and any extra old clothes or sheets
• A balloon
• Paper towels
• Craft glue
• Superglue/masking tape
• Acrylic or watercolour paints

1) First, we need to create Robotnik’s legs. For this we’ll use the trousers, and stuff them full of bits of newspaper to fill them out. Stick or staple the leg-holes shut. Stuff the red top with newspaper too, while adding your bundle of old clothes or sheets to the stomach area to create Robotnik’s distinctive fat belly. Stick or staple the sleeves to stop the stuffing coming out.

2) Now you’ll need to stick the legs & body of Robotnik together- for this, you’ll need to superglue them together or use masking tape. Be careful to get it properly stuck together!

3) For the head, you’ll need to blow up the balloon – use a long cylindrical balloon over the standard round ones if you can. Next, you’ll need to take the craft glue and mix it with water, to create a half glue/half water mix. Tears off strips of the paper towels, soak in the glue mix, squeeze out excess glue and then cover the balloon with them.

4) Once the balloon is covered, stick glue-soaked paper strips across Robotnik’s sleeves, front and back to serve as the white markings on his top. Use the leftover paper & glue mix to create a small round shape to serve us Robotnik’s nose. Now leave it all to dry overnight- don’t leave it outside or the balloon might shrink!

5) Once the paper mache is dry and hardened, lightly pencil in Robotnik’s features on the balloon- his eyes, where his nose will go, his moustache and his scowl. Once you’ve done that, carefully paint the head with pink for the skin, red & black for the eyes and orange for the moustache. Paint the ‘nose’ its distinctive red colour, and stick that onto the head with glue mix.

6) Now paint the paper strips on his top in white. Once that’s dry, add in the line markings with black paint and a fine brush. Now, using the last of the glue mix, carefully coat the bottom of Robotnik’s ‘head’ and stick that into the neck of the top. Once that’s on, you should be left with a serviceable effigy of Robotnik!

7) Wait until November 5th, then put him on the bonfire!

If you’ve made any Robotnik ‘Guys’ for your Bonfire Night, show us the photos over in the Message Zone!

Robotnik would like you all to harm hedgehogs during your Bonfire Night celebrations. Don’t be like Robotnik. Follow the Wildlife Trust’s guidelines to protect Sonic’s siblings:
  • Build your bonfire as near to the 5th as possible to prevent hedgehogs moving in.
  • Search the bonfire to hibernating hedgehogs before you light it, using a torch and rake to gently pull the branches back.
  • If possible, before bonfire night create an alternative hedgehog home by placing some hedgehog boxes in the surrounding area or raking up grass cuttings or autumn leaves into a pile a safe distance from the fire. Hopefully the hedgehogs will occupy these rather than the bonfire. If you find any of them in the bonfire, move them in the hedgehog boxes.

Have a way cool Bonfire Night, boomers!


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