Hey, Boomers!

The end of summer is drawing in, and with it comes the horrors of the new school terms. Don’t be downhearted though- Sonic the Comic is here to bring you summer’s last hurrah! It’s been hard work keeping the humes at their desks instead of larking around and enjoying their vacation, but the chains & manacles seem to be working quite nicely.

You lot have been frantically writing in after the events of last issue- what’s Sonic’s plan? How are the Syndicate going to be stopped? Well the answers are all here but you might not like what you see in The Betrayal Of Mobius! Meanwhile, we say goodbye to the Nameless Zone as Morain and Errol’s sibling rivalry comes to a head! Find out whose side Tails takes in the finale of Journey To The Crossroads. And as one strip ends, another begins- due to popular demand (and because Shorty forced us at blaster-point), Tekno and Shortfuse are back in Unusual Suspect! As always, any new or returning Boomers can get themselves caught up in the Data Zone.

Three strips and a special pin-up to remind you all of Summer- what more can you want? Now you’ll have to excuse me, Boomers, one of the humes just broke free and is doing a runner…

This Bank Holiday weekend, the 26th to the 29th of August, is the nationwide Independents Day Weekend- signings, workshops and discussion groups on comics held all over Britain as part of the UK Comics Nation initiative! Check the Comics Nation website to see which events are local to you.
  • Editor - Charles Ellis
  • Supervising Editors - Ed Reynolds & Mike Corker
  • Assistant Editor - Matt Harris
  • Designer - Mike Corker
  • Cover Art - Orin
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