Issue #224 - May 29th 2003

Control Zone

Hey Boomers!

Spick, span and still sharper than a cyber razor cut, Sonic the Comic (STC to the discerning Boomer) is back! Yes, after heading out of STC offices back in 1998, I took the seas of the Internet - and now STC is joining me with its first online issue. It's hard work being a trend-setter, Boomers.

Readers old and new should be sure to clue themselves up on recent happenings in the world of STC in the Data Zone at the top of each story before taking the plunge into Sonic’s latest adventure, Drowned! And if that wasn’t excitement enough, Tails is pitted against fan favourite Nack the Weasel in a new 2-part story, Just Like Old Crimes, and we go back to the bad old days of Robotnik’s rule for an untold tale from the past of Amy and Tekno!

Not every character is best pleased though: I hear Knuckles is rather miffed at being sidelined and is even now planning to score a piece of the online action… If you want to see him back, be sure to speak out at Speedlines!

And speaking of future STC... check out this exclusive sneak peek at issue 225!

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